Thank You!

You have taken the time to travel here with us. I am grateful. Truthfully, it feels odd to introduce myself at 52. From my body to its endeavors, few things feel brand new. And yet some do. This blog is blissfully one of them.

Here are the personal facts. I negotiated my way through the landscape of two marriages, and wish I had a vehicle better suited to the terrain. Thankfully, I have since upgraded my ride. Experience sometimes pays off. I regret neither of those journeys. Like every adventure, they bestowed countless gifts, both hidden and otherwise. The most significant of them is my daughter Sage. She is the newer and far superior Angell model, and I love her. You would be well served by replacing me with her for the purpose of this site. Unfortunately, she is otherwise occupied finishing her undergraduate degree at Kansas University.

You know something of my personal life if you read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. I have had a long and challenging love affair with restaurants, some great, leading them in almost every capacity for 25 years. Now I adore dining rooms from afar, ditching them for another love. I have always wanted to teach and coach track, and I am in the process of following that dream.

I am a runner once again. It helps me burn through various unwanted things. I throw discs, a version of golf better suited to nerds like me. My deepest passion, though, is reserved for words. Reading, writing, scrabble, crosswords. Language comforts me, beguiles me. Words protect and define me. They will accompany me to the end.

Welcome to my transition. Change forces upheaval, and I have spent two years ripping down the house and digging up the yard. Now I rebuild myself lovingly, with a knowledge of foundations – how to dig, pour, set, and cure.  I have learned what makes them strong. The most precious addition is my partner Rebecca. She is my keystone. All else builds around her.

Rebecca welcomed me into her life, and I revel in it. She then invited me here, to write, to share, and I am both honored and thrilled.  And now we invite you to join us on the scaffolds as we raise this space.


Bill Angell