I’m Rebecca Slaton and at 54 I became a widow after 24 years of marriage. I quit my job, ended a two decade business relationship, made my third home move in 4 years-this time during a global pandemic. Now I am starting over both professionally and personally while social distancing amid an economic crisis.

Why should you follow me except over a cliff?

Because I have something to say.

Five years from my husband Bruce’s diagnosis with lung cancer, I learned how to be a caregiver, primary bread winner, capable fixer-upper and an honest writer. I write about the messiness of living and trying to find resilience even when it sucks. My hard knock lessons include managing my financial future, navigating grief, and re-booting a creative career. Through many tears and a few harmlessly thrown objects, there is a lot of humor, some style and hopefully a bit of grace.

Watching someone I love die was a hard truth. But it lead me to challenge myself on issues of love, faith, friendship, commitment and purpose. And you know what happened?

My life rebooted in new and exciting ways.

I bought my first home on my own. Now I work with small creative companies who share my vision. And most significantly, I found love again with another 50-something who happened to be rebuilding his personal and professional life as well. Bill Angell (Angel-are you kidding?) has even agreed to join me on this blog offering his own wisdom from a male point of view.

I look back over the past few years . But I’m more curious about the future. I never thought I would need to reinvent at this stage in my life but if you’re still reading (and I hope you are) then maybe you are too. Unless you’re the lucky one who hasn’t suffered a loss, set-back or desire to do something else. Maybe your life is okie dokie. Then you should have your own blog because I would read it for advice. I’m not striving for perfection just fulfillment with a side of security. And I do post some pretty projects.

Thanks for joining me, Bill, my three dogs Bridget Jonze, Murray Mc’Luvin & Jack Frye, and Bill’s 2 cats Domino & Puck as we share this unexpected but trans-formative new normal.