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“Why am I on here telling strangers about myself?

Widow. In my mind she is an older women who wears black. She is inconsolable with her grief. People pity her. Of course this is a stereotype. Bu think of a widow’s portrayal in movies and literature? Maybe Scarlett O’Hara was the exception! It’s true I am a 55-year-old widow. But I’m also a happy, fulfilled and funny woman. Even as I grieve, I am building a new life-one I fought for very hard. It’s the first time in my adult life I bought a home and a car by myself. I’m starting over in business as a creative entrepreneur and handling my own finances. I imagined sharing my life with someone else.

I’ve come a long way since my husband Bruce’s diagnoses of Stage 4 Lung Cancer on Christmas Eve 2014. The doctor said he would die in 7 months and I should sell our dream home. A fall down the stairs would be fatal. Bruce shared, as I drove us from the hospital and under heavy drug delirium, we were heavily in debt and our small decorative arts business was in trouble.

Somehow, we made it home that day and through the next five years. I learned to be a caregiver, financial planner, bread winner, and handy woman along the way. I ran our business alone for a few years and then closed it. We moved two times including from Kansas City to Plano, Texas in search of better treatments for him and steady income for me. I continued in my profession of decorative painting, interior design and teaching the trade. I joined the Dallas Writer’s Workshop and found a new calling in short stories and essays. We met every challenge-often with humor, a fighting spirit and a lot of hope. It seemed we had it finally together.

And he still died. Bruce took his final breath on June 26th, 2019 with me and our dogs by his side.

“Why Anecdotes?”

I was left in the following weeks to ask, “What’s next?” So I read through all the stories I shared on social media about the struggles, lessons, and the funny or sad adventures of our life. I noticed the number of people who reached out to me in their own grief seeking comfort. I was happy to offer some. My heart was broken but not defeated. The writing gave me relief and meaning. Suddenly I had a new path if I was brave enough to follow it. I quite my job, moved back home to Kansas City (during a pandemic), bought another fixer upper and decided to start a more personal platform for my thoughts and tales. During this time, I met Bill, another 50-something in the middle of life changes. His writing inspires me so much I invited him to collaborate on this blog. We hope to create a place to share stories about how interesting and fulfilling life is after 50.

“Why Third Act?”

I’ve lived the life of a young college girl and then a career gal. Now I have the knowledge of a grown woman with an added zest of confidence. Bill and I talk about learning from past mistakes and the joy of finally knowing what you want and being lucky enough to find it. It’s the best time for a personal encore! In stories and plays, the third act is where the characters find resolution and hopefully growth. There are also 3 stages of loss: the initial grief, acceptance and finally (hopefully) transformation.

Transformation, growth and resolution. Does that sound familiar? If it does, then we are writing for you-someone on a similar journey. I hope you find our stories, projects, ideas and other creative endeavors thoughtful, helpful but mostly inspiring. Let’s figure it out and have fun together.

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  1. So glad you are on this side of your journey, dear Rebecca!

    You live your life full out with a grace, integrity and vulnerability not often seen.
    So beautiful to behold!

    Joyous blessings to you always,

  2. I’m so glad you are following your dream. You have been through so much. Without even knowing it you have helped me with the journey I must take with my mom. My life is basically on hold so I can spend what time is left with her. Now if we could only get this pandemic handled. I look forward to your posts and stories!

    1. It is hard to have a life on hold. I understand this to my core. But it will come back. I am proof. For now you will have this special time with your mom. Take care.

  3. I’m overjoyed for you, Rebecca! I know how very hard you have worked to make this happen! Wishing you every success as you start this ‘third act” in life! Much love to you!

  4. This is just the beginning of your next chapter, and one that you can share on a much larger scale. So many people need to know you, read your stories, be inspired and fall in love with you as your dear friends have ,having you in our lives! I couldn’t be more excited and joyful. This is going to be EPIC! Book launch, speaking tours to follow…….:-)

    Love you my friend!

    1. Anna, thanks for always being such a positive influence on my life. I am so lucky to have you as a close friend. Your support and encouragement means the world to me. Can’t wait to celebrate in person. Love you!

  5. Rebecca I wish you the best that life has to offer in your third act. Your talent as both an artist and a writer are gifts you have shared. Your writing is inspirational. Just your Facebook posts would make a good collection of stories. Your post “Here but not here” was written about Bruce but as I read it I was traveling to visit my mom who was here but not here. It would be our last visit and your words were so helpful. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. I am touched that my story had meaning and comfort for you. I will need to re-post here on the blog. It was always my hope my writing, which was personal therapy really, might also help someone else. Thank you for sharing and being here for me. Let’s find new adventures as we navigate life without someone we love being psychically present but always in our hearts.

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’ve been on my own after a difficult divorce and have benefitted and been inspired by your story and seeing you come out the other side with lots of joy and humor in your life.

  7. Rebecca, I’m so happy that you’ve discovered your new found place in this world ! You have a lot to give in so many ways & altho’ I’ve never met you face to face, I feel like I do know you ! You have a way of letting is into your world with such grace , empathy & honestly . I’m looking forward to following your journey!

  8. You my sweet friend have taken your experiences placed them into captivating stories filled with such candid truth, passion, honestly and many times with a humorous twist. You envoke such emotion and a connection with your readers. Some know you personally , some only through your posts, but the connection to you, to your stories are real. Your words bring hope, love, truth & compassion. I am so excited for your Third Act and the infinite possibilities that can come from this new chapter. You have helped so many people and through your new endeavors, you will certainly continue to do so. I know you will do amazing things and amazing things and interesting people will continue to find their way to you….and more stories will be made for you to share. Congratulations!!!❤

    1. From the first time we met, we laughed in a big hearty way-already great friends. You have been a ray of sunshine in my life since then. I am grateful for our friendship. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but it is offered with all the love I have!

    1. It would only be a dream without your help and let’s be honest…patience with the perfectionist in me. I’d still be worrying about posting one thing! Thanks for all the help and mostly the friendship!

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