Third Act Anecdotes: Brief Observations About Reclaiming a Vibrant Life After 50.

Hi there! I’m Rebecca Slaton.

And I’ve spent the last five years answering one question, “Am I going to be alright?” Before I turned 50, I had a happy marriage, fulfilling career, and a dream home I renovated myself.  Then my husband Bruce was diagnosed with Stage Four Lung Cancer and it changed everything about what I hoped and expected for my life. Overnight I became a caregiver and breadwinner. Along the way I made many mistakes, closed businesses and moved several times. But something else happened as well. I began writing little stories about navigating life in the shadow of illness and impending grief. Some were sad. Some were funny. All were honest. And in those observations I found a new purpose.

My husband died on June 26th 2019. I quit my job six months later with a new dream which was sharing, through my written musings and photographs, how I am learning to be a capable, resilient and creative women again. A year into this new journey, I met another 50 something trying to reinvent his own life after personnel and professional loss. We recognized something in each other-hope- and fell in love during a pandemic. Now we are building a life together including working on this site.

I know many people 50 plus feel the same way I do because you write me notes sharing stories of your loss. It could be a loved one dies, a job ends, a divorce happens, an empty nest begins, or a passion is deferred. You ask me, “Am I going to be alright?” I don’t know but I am willing to work on it together. But you also share your dreams for the future. I am proof life can begin again after 50.

The Third Act is when the plot is resolved and the dramatic questions are answered. In a great story, the characters area transformed with a sense of their own destiny.

Are you ready to Join Me?

50 Replies to “Home”

  1. Congratulations! I’m so excited for your new adventure and know You will be wildly successful. Your question of “will I be alright?” is something I ask myself everyday. I’m in tears now as I write this because I don’t know, but pray that I will be. I look forward to watching your journey.

  2. Congratulations!! You are a Beautiful soul inside and out. I can not wait to see what the future holds for you. You are such an Inspiration

  3. Yay, Rebecca! You have always been an inspiration…talented, grounded, kind, compassionate and a fabulous teacher/leader. I know you’ll go far with this! Congratulations!

  4. So excited for this new opportunity to share in your life. Each day is an unknown, and as you said, it can change in a moment. Our great God doesn’t waist one tear or heartache, each one is an opportunity to learn and grow. You my precious friend continue to embrace each day and stretch yourself. So honored to be a part of your journey.

  5. Hi Rebecca…I know how you feel. My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer In 2007. Luckily he is still alive and doing well – but those first few years were life changing. I was no longer important – everything was solely focused on him and his recovery. I still live with the fear of losing him.

    Right around 2007- 2008, My decorative painting business tanked. The phone stopped ringing because of the recession. What was I going to do if no money was coming in…and if I lost him too? So, I started a new venture – I tried my hand at Home Staging. It took awhile to get it going but I have a thriving business today. Change is scary…but life throws you curve balls all the time – we can remain defeated or we can rise to the occasion.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and what you’ll be doing with your life!


    1. Thank you for sharing your story. It is easy to loose yourself when caring for someone. I’m glad you found a business solution which works for you. Continued success and thanks for reading.

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